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Have You Seen Our Noise App Case Studies?

June 14, 2018
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Over the past few weeks, we have been pulling together a variety of case studies on The Noise App, covering different aspects of how this diverse app can be used.

Our first case study features Liverty, a housing association based in the South West of England. Liverty have a housing stock of 35,000 and handle approximately 450 noise complaints each year. Speaking of their use of the app, Julie Bingham, Head of Tenancy Enforcement, said that “The Noise App provides us with greater flexibility at a low cost, it also means we get information as it occurs and we only need to listen to short recordings”.

Click here to download Liverty’s Case Study.

Our second case study was provided by Pembrokeshire County Council, South West Wales. Pembrokeshire has a population of approximately 124,000 and covers 1,590km2. Faced with the challenge of resource pressures, Pembrokeshire decided that for them, The Noise App would be best used as a triage tool, allowing them to focus their resources on the cases that needed it. Steve Morbey, Lead Officer Public Health, said “think about what you can use it for, not what you can’t. For us, it brought immediate benefits.”

Click here to download Pembrokeshire County Council’s Case Study.

Finally, our third case study focused on Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, who have a population size of approximately 129,000 and covers 211km2. NUL focused on the challenge of improving customer service; with shrinking resources and increasing responsibilities, bridging the gap was becoming increasingly challenging. Using the app meant that the noise monitoring equipment can be deployed where it is most needed and has helped the council make more informed decisions about needs for site action. Darren Walters, Team Manager Environmental Protection, said that “The Noise App has helped us focus our efforts, enhancing our enforcement activities when needed. We have used The Noise App successfully in court on several occasions…”

Click here to download Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council’s Case Study.