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Cutting costs, providing joint/shared services and delivering a seamless service to customers is one of the biggest challenges facing the regulatory and compliance professionals today. Whether you are a local authority, business or multi-national enterprise, we all operate in an environment where following due process and procedures are crucial to the delivery of affective regulation. Without access to the right information, operations and reputation can be compromised and left exposed to process failure and legal action.

RIAMS supports regulatory and compliance professionals by supplying up to date, fully customisable procedures, documents (letters, forms and public information leaflets) and guidance for several areas of regulation, giving you the information you need at your fingertips.  Our module portfolio covers the following topics for England and Wales:

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RIAMS is aligned to the RDNA GRIP tool and is one of the only resources for regulatory service delivery you will ever need.

How can RIAMS help you?

  •  reduce your back of office and subscription costs
  • our editorial team keep your procedures and reference material to date with the latest developments in UK legislation and guidance saving time and improving productivity.
  • absorb and share services with confidence giving staff a ready-made, mobile resource
  • increase your knowledge and claim your CPD through use of RIAMS
  • tailor RIAMS resources to match your service
  • link to and improve your use of back office systems
  • regulate more confidently and consistently
  • use RIAMS as a reference library for contractors, educational institutions
  • share best practice with other users for free
  • UK Based – Ensuring you have the information you need for delivering regulatory services
  • Up to Date – Regularly updated content and news sections to notify you of amendments, you will be aware of any key changes.
  • User Friendly – An advanced search function, bookmarking facility and fully indexed content will point you to the information when you need it.
  • Customisable – Personalise RIAMS to match your needs through  uploading, archiving and editing documents in real-time giving complete flexibility
  • Mobile – Staff can work from any location needing only a laptop or mobile device with internet access.
  • Claim CPD – Gain CPD credit through use of RIAMS.

RIAMS Procedures

RIAMS Procedures are written and supported by an editorial team, developed and managed by RH Environmental Ltd and includes lawyers and specialists from across the UK. Our comprehensive collection of procedures  is added to in anticipation of future need and in direct response to requests from our clients.  Once active, procedures are reviewed on a cyclical basis and in response to changes in legislation. All changes are archived and changes and updates are communicated to users in real time.

Users can customise each procedure to reflect local and departmental information and guidance.

The combination of a well researched, ready-made procedure, customisable with your own information is unique to RIAMS.

RIAMS Documents

RIAMS supplies Documents, mostly as templates of letters, forms and public information leaflets. You can also completely customise the documents you want in this category.

National Policy and Guidance on RIAMS

RIAMS supplies National Policy and Guidance documents issued by central government and other publishers. These are specifically chosen to support the procedures and are arranged by subject to increase accessibility. We also host a selection of British Standards specific to the modules in RIAMS.

Legislation on RIAMS

In addition, relevant legislation is presented on RIAMS through the legislation.gov.uk and EU-LEX websites.

Integrated Resources

Each procedure is integrated with relevant National Policy and Guidance, Standard Documents and other Procedures in RIAMS. Related documents or document categories are linked  in each procedure to save valuable search time and improving work flow.