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To ensure RIAMS is current and continually developing, RHE manage a panel of over 50 specialist authors and editors carefully chosen with expertise to help draft and maintain procedures and other content.

If you feel you have something to contribute towards RIAMS, please see the ‘work for us’ section.

About RHE

RHE services are used by 95% of all local authorities in England and Wales and the company is recognised as a thought leader in assisting regulators with cost efficient knowledge management and online innovation.

RHE delivers RIAMS, the new cloud based documents and information service delivering Procedures, Documents and Notices for Professionals. RHE also provides the new, free Expert Q&A and policy update services for Housing, Food Safety and Private Water Supplies, these are moderated by experienced professionals, they are free to use and fully archived to help you get answers to your technical and procedural queries.

RIAMS online Procedures, Documents and Notices are widely used by Local Authority regulators because it is flexible and cost effective. It is a secure encrypted service designed by and for regulators. RIAMS procedures are regularly updated and integrated with documents and current licensing publications and (as an option) British Standards. RIAMS can be securely customised by Users with their local information, procedures and documents to create an easy to use and cost efficient online document management system.

RIAMS is delivered by:

RIAMS Chief Editor – Ian Marriner

RIAMS Content Administrator – Kalia Wright
Kat proofreads commissioned documents including procedures, uploads material onto RIAMS and edits existing content. She assists with client issues such as password queries. She also gains permission for third party material appearing on the website. Her focus is on clear communication.

Sales and Systems Manager – Jonathan Williams
Jonathan uploads new procedures to RIAMS and amends existing content. He also adds new clients and users to the system, and deals with any other login issues. His focus is keeping RIAMS up to date and accessible to all our clients.