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Unique Local Customisation

One size doesn’t fit all. RIAMS allows you to centrally publish documents that others can customise without altering the master copy. Changes made to a master file will update all copies without losing each unique local customisation. It’s perfect for managing information across single or multiple sites and organisations.

customise docs

Improve Productivity and Resilience

Improve your outcomes and build resilience with better use of information, saving time and money with less human error. Automatic archiving enables you to keep track of previous document versions for audit and review.


Publish Content and Manage Documents

Fulfil channel shift and digital information strategies. Use RIAMS Connect to centrally publish multiple documents and information anywhere online and in other applications. Just manage your RIAMS Connect document to instantly update all of the copies wherever they are.


Secure Storage All in One Place

Storing and sharing folders and documents and folders is easier with RIAMS. Organise all of your content with secure folders and collections. You can share single or multiple documents and folders with colleagues and other organisations.


Users Stay Up to Speed

Update users on document changes through the ‘What’s New?’ feed. Switch on email notifications for daily or weekly document digests including review dates, changes and new uploads.

stay up to speed

RIAMS Libraries

Create and host your own library or access RIAMS Libraries to meet your information needs. RIAMS hosts document and information libraries for government, business and professional peer groups.