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Intelligent Regulation and Compliance

Background – Environmental Health

In 2008 RHE responded to enquiries for procedures in Environmental Health, the outcome was the EHMS web platform built specifically for LA’s as a consistency tool. Now widely used across England and Wales, it maintains a unique dataset of documents/procedures:

  • 265 procedures (av. 2 new procedures and 30 revisions each month)
  • 2,000 supporting documents and publications (av. 40 new or revised documents & publications each month)
  • All edited and aligned to legislation and guidance
  • Delivered by an extensive team of specialists and the RHE in-house editorial team
  • New content (documents and procedures) are developed on request at no extra cost to clients

RIAMS – Trading Standards and Licensing

Following requests from several LA’s a new platform (RIAMS) was developed to accommodate Licensing and Trading Standards from February 2012.

RIAMS – Consistency and Collaboration

EHMS achieves its original goal to deliver consistency. RIAMS is more customisable and flexible, enabling collaboration within a structured environment maintained by experts. EHMS is widely used for cost-efficient shared services and joint working.

RIAMS – Competence and E-learning

In 2011, RHE worked with the LBRO to match the RDNA Competence Frameworks with information for the GRIP tool. RIAMS is aligned to the Competence Frameworks and from February 2012, it is an E-learning tool issuing CPD certificates. Professionals can earn CPD while doing their day job. Each LA can buy this facility for as little as £150/year (unlimited number of staff), delivering significant savings in training and attendance costs.

RIAMS – Future Options

RIAMS is now being explored by LAs as a tool to reduce back office system costs through online document management and linking back office process templates with RIAMS procedures.

Cost Efficient

The business case for EHMS shows it saves time and money with an ROI of as little as 3 months. RIAMS can be used to replace other information subscription services, cut CPD costs, reduce the burden of maintaining procedures and documents, improve productivity and unlock mobile and flexible working opportunities.

Enhance Productivity

100s of ready made procedures with regular updates, frequent new releases, free new content request service, unique facility to add local information into procedures.

Easy To Use

Unlimited access, no software to buy, accessible 24/7, mobile friendly and customise by adding your local documents.

RIAMS – Future Options

Customisable to fit shared services, mutuals, outsourcing, insourcing and all other service options, deliver consistency, support local networks and fully archived to support legal cases.

Find Out More – Free Trials and Access

Contact RHE on 01239 711 793 or info@rhenvironmental.co.uk for pricing and subscription details.