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Designed for Public Protection


RIAMS is the leading Knowledge Management platform for Regulators and Public Protection Services, hosting information libraries for government, business and professional groups.


RIAMS delivers consistency by supplying professionals with a large database of documents (see list of content below).


Documents supplied by RIAMS are regularly updated in line with the latest legislation changes.

RIAMS delivers dedicated libraries for specific business and government sectors. These are published by RIAMS Editorial Services and partner organisations.

Your Library

Create and host your own library or access RIAMS Libraries to meet your information needs. You can subscribe to access our libraries or create your own private and secure libraries for knowledge management and distribution anywhere in the world.

In-house Privacy

RIAMS clients can also publish private libraries for in-house use only, while benefitting from the RIAMS architecture and functionality.

Information Sharing

Clients can manage their library content centrally across multiple sites. RIAMS allows secure document and folder sharing inside organisations, across peer groups, or between multiple organisations and sites.


RIAMS provides a daily news service and regularly updated content for clients in Australia, the UK and internationally. Clients and Users in other territories can access the full functionality of RIAMS and develop bespoke data sets, or sign up for Editorial Services to deliver their information needs.


RIAMS can be hosted in the home territory of each client ensuring full compliance with local data protection and information security requirements.

Database content

Access multiple document types and formats

Features for Regulators

RIAMS unique features allow clients to add their local documents and to customise their RIAMS content. This gives our Clients full control over the content on their RIAMS account to achieve a good fit with local operating conditions.

Regional Data Sets

RIAMS is the only service that supports bespoke datasets for each of the UK regions (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

Easy to Use

RIAMS is the secure cloud ecosystem for UK public protection professionals delivering value, strategically and locally, across professions and organisations.


RIAMS content is aligned to the UK Government BRDO RDNA Competence Frameworks and our unique RIAMS CPD feature can be used to demonstrate that individuals are maintaining their competence. RIAMS tracks each individual User’s online activity and will attribute a portion of active document use as CPD. This data is logged for each User and RIAMS CPD certificates can be downloaded for evidence of CPD activity.

Tried and Trusted

RIAMS is used by thousands of professionals in the UK and has been endorsed for use across Australia by their National Environmental Health Association. RIAMS software is fully owned and delivered by RHE.

Secure Content

RIAMS can be used by third parties to securely publish documents and information regionally and nationally. For example, the South West Trading Standards partnership publishes Enforcement and Legal Process information to local authorities across the UK. Heathrow Airport Port Health (LB Hillingdon) publish their extensive imported foods database, comprising thousands of documents, through RIAMS.


RIAMS builds capacity into your organisation by supporting your colleagues with all the process information and documentation they need for their job.

types of docs


RIAMS saves money compared to the time and expense of deploying inhouse staff and resources to keep your processes and information up-todate.


Every organisation is expected to do more with less in the current environment and RIAMS provides a secure and fully updated resource to keep you and your team in step and up to date.