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Sustainable Regulatory Solutions

Sustainable Regulatory Solutions (SRS) is a framework created by Cornwall Council, hosted on RIAMS for councils to adopt. The Sustainable Regulatory Delivery model and toolkit aim to help you maintain and improve service delivery while also supporting businesses and encouraging compliance, helping businesses ‘get it right first time’. Using the SRS, you will also be able to develop a cost effective, prioritised and resilient sustainable delivery model. The SRS framework is aimed at improving service for food, licensing, enforcement and more. 

Generate Income for Services 

  • SRS encourages businesses to seek compliance 
  • Business are more likely to act on advice when charged
  • The SRS framework helps to ‘get it right first time’ meaning reduction in inspection times and outgoing costs 

Enable Staff

  • Give councils the tools they need to maximise their enforcement capabilities 
  • Improve resilience with constant updates and reprioritisation of systems
  • Do more with less
  • Earn recognition for cutting-edge regulatory services   

Council Results

  • Cost effective and sustainable regulation model  
  • Helping businesses to succeed  
  • Greater quality of service   


Further Information

If you would like to find out more about SRS, please contact the RIAMS Sales Team on 01174 033584 or email: sales@rheglobal.com