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Streamlined shared service 

“Although it’s early days in the Environmental Health Partnership – Dartford and Sevenoaks, we are confident that the RIAMS system will provide a good base for assimilating existing procedures from both the teams with the template procedures that RIAMS have already carefully considered and produced. 

It is very useful that staff can upload all useful related research information they may have collected. We aim to have an easily accessible (and remotely accessible) comprehensive central repository for all the information tools that they require to carry out their work effectively. 

The biggest advantage of this system for a shared service like ours is that, the up to date EH information and procedures that we need to run a more streamlined service, will always be conveniently available at our fingertips.”

Annie Sargent, Environmental Health Manager, Dartford Borough Council

Quality management and resilience 

“We chose RIAMS to replace our ISO:9001 accredited quality system, and are happy with the result. Reduced QMS administration enabled us to save half a post, but significant efficiencies have also resulted from being able to reduce time spent internal auditing, and creating and reviewing procedures. The availability of comprehensive procedures has been helpful when taking over additional duties as a result of service restructures, and the web-based format supports agile working. RIAMS has built on this, with a useful document control system and a CPD facility.”

Gary Johnston, Group Manager (Consumer and Environmental Protection), Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Shared service, mobile and flexible working 

“The Environmental Health Sections at South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council are now a shared service. RIAMS has been invaluable in facilitating the shared service, especially considering the practicalities of operating from two offices that are 35 miles apart. In addition, mobile and flexible working are becoming more essential in the operation of the Service and RIAMS assists in this approach. All of our policies, procedures, letter and notice templates, national guidance, and legislation can all be accessed wherever an Officer has internet access. An additional benefit of RIAMS is that it eliminates the risk of Officers using documents that are out of date or are inaccurate. In the past year, RIAMS has improved the consistency and efficiency of our service.”

Georgina Fox, Environmental Health Officer (Pollution Control), South Hams District Council

Customer service and software functionality

“Since being involved with EHMS/RIAMS it has been clear that customer satisfaction is a key goal for their staff. Communication channels are always open and any queries or issues are responded to very quickly. The functionality of RIAMS is a big improvement on EHMS and will allow us to more easily integrate existing systems to the procedures we will use in RIAMS. We are planning to make wider use of the procedures and other documents and look forward to a moment in time when we can say we have adequate procedures for our use that are constantly monitored to ensure they are updated when required.”

Simon Manning, Principal EHO (Food Safety), Ipswich Borough Council 


“At our last County meeting a couple of the officers attending recommended RIAMS, with many Councils re-structuring and loss of staff members there simply aren’t the staff resources to write and update policies and procedures for Env Health! We have also recently had an Inter Authority Audit in food safety and again interest was expressed in RIAMS.”

Environmental Health Managers Group, South East England 

Consistency and flexible working

“Northumberland is the largest county in England by size at 5025 square kilometres and yet is one of the smallest by population (307,190 persons in the 2001 Census). RIAMS has enabled public protection to deliver consistent policies, advice and procedures to officers operating from 3 centres over 70 miles apart, without the need to update paper based management systems”. The ability to obtain the information from any PC, netbook or smartphone is excellent.”

Geoff Newcombe, Environmental Protection Manager, Northumberland County Council 

Supporting student training

“From somebody relatively new to working in Environmental Health, RIAMS has been a great help throughout my training and qualification process. As a student, the profession presents a broad and often daunting subject area, so being able to easily access information across all disciplines has helped my studying significantly. I found RIAMS particularly useful for the completion of my Experiential Learning Portfolio as I could refer quickly to procedure guidance and relevant legislation, at home or in the office. My regular use of the resource continues to boost my confidence and knowledge in Environmental Health.”

Scott Smith, Environmental Health Officer, West Dorset District Council and Weymouth and Portland Borough Council